Join Chef Teton for the 40 Day Dietary Makeover Challenge

You probably already know better but do you do better.? This is your opportunity to take control and live on purpose.

Stop for a second.

Ask yourself, “Where am I going? Why am I going? What do I need to get there?

  • Does your answer include dreams not yet realized?

  • Are you on purpose in all the areas you want to be? If you are acting on purpose, how is it working for you? Do you go around feeling guilty that you did not take the action you know you needed for self care?

  • Are you fearful of getting older and have a desire to not become a sad statistic?

  • Is there a habit or two that needs changing or strengthening within your dietary regime so you look and feel amazing? Do you want to take it up a notch or alot?

During this 40 Day Challenge we are going to launch into a Dietary Makeover

Why a Dietary Makeover?

Food and diet - what you eat and don’t eat - are the keys to creating a body that thrives, a body that has mental, physical and emotional health, a body with flowing digestion, flexible joints and a quick mind - a body that does NOT get sick and instead is beautiful and vibrant!

A Healthy Body that is fed excellent food is the key to living your dreams. I can’t say it any more simply. I am still blown away by the people I know who know better but don’t do better and then I watch them suffer. Your diet, how you approach it, what you think about it and what you put into your body affects so much more than your weight and your looks. This is what I want to get across to you in this course. Your relationship to FOOD and HOW YOU EAT is one of the most powerful influences in your life.

Discover the freedom and comfort of a diet that supports YOUR DREAMS!

Your skills play a role, yet your beliefs and lifestyle habits also play a significant role - entering the food and nutrition area with depth that has lasting results is much more than just a new recipe.

If you want to Age Beautifully and ride into your senior years with vitality and functionality then join me and together we will upgrade your diet during this 40 Day Challenge. In our time together you will make the changes that YOU need so you have lasting results. Together we will hold each other accountable.

Honor your life and your body and join me. I know you will be grateful.

Why 40 Days?

It is known through the yogic tradition that there is a specific time commitment which is required to adjust the neurons and the frequencies of our brain. According to yogic technology it takes 40 days to change a habit – to retrain the mental process and nervous system. Practicing anything for at least 40 days allows you the opportunity to incorporate it into your being.

The 40 Day self-care dietary makeover is ongoing. You can jump in any time and spend the 40 days with myself and the grou

Included in the 40 Day Challenge

Changing Our “Eating”Habits - A 40 Day Challenge

We will get started by defining the most important place you need to make changes with regards to your specific lifestyle and diet. Can you relate to any of these?

  • Perhaps you are a practicing vegan, but eat too much sugar and know you need to make a shift. What can you do to enhance your diet to be more nourishing?

  • Maybe you have chosen a vegetarian diet and still eat too much processed foods.

  • How about eating on the go, grabbing shallow food that lacks nourishment?

  • Do you have a weakness for high fat dairy? Or does alcohol and good wine get in your way?

  • Are you confused about what diet is best for YOU? There are so many!!

  • Do you have to dine out a lot and/or travel and are stuck with poor options?

  • Maybe you need new skills, new ideas and more of a variety of how to enjoy more plant foods.

We are all different and we all seem to have at least one, if not several places in our diet that could use improving so that we nourish more often than we pollute. Perhaps your 40 day challenge might look like one of these for YOU:  

    • Fresh juice each day - or 3 times a week.

    • Making a great lunch for yourself so you are not caught without food with value.

    • Replace processed foods with whole foods at every meal.

    • Knowing which fats and oils are good and thus eliminating bad fats.

    • Eliminate sugar.

    • Knowing how to handle a family with diverse eating habits.

    • Loose weight.

    • Become motivated and consistent.

Embracing Our Mental Health

The second aspect of our challenge is going to be in the area of our thinking and that busy mind of ours that seems to believe many things that are not really true. We all have thoughts than need improving - we need to make changes with some of our stinkin thinkin to support our life’s goals. The mind steers the body. It is the master instructor of all our actions. We must have mind mastery so it can support us in our choices. We can train our mind, just like we train our bodies.

I will share with you the most powerful techniques I have used for training my mind to help support the habits I want to practice. Of course, we can’t change all our thinking in 40 days, but I can share the techniques that will help support the challenge you choose, and then you are set on your way to continue making changes in the area of your thinking for self-care.

Online Cooking Instruction & Recipes

In the 40 Day Challenge you will receive the online Dietary Makeover Course, a comprehensive online instructional course with:

39 Cooking show’s (complete “how to” demonstrations and raw and cooked food preparation), recipes, shopping lists for each week, curriculum and audio recordings on little known facts about fats and oils, sugar and more.

With my cooking shows you will learn the basics of raw food, which is the best way to put more plant foods into your life, and enjoy nourishing desserts.

You will learn how to mix raw and cooked together, all about healthy fats, and how to create simple sauces and dressings that are the dey to enjoying vegetables and salads. East make your own salad dressings - so delicious you will want to drink them.

No matter what diet you have chosen, the Dietary Makeover will give you everything you need to put the best, most nourishing foods into your life and body.

WATCH The Promo Videos HERE for the Dietary Makeover Course - Review the highlights of the great food in the cooking shows within the 40 Day Dietary Makeover Challenge

This course will be yours forever to refer to and refresh.

My Promise to You

I will guide you through the Dietary Makeover Course through out time together. You will choose the area in which you want to take on your own personal 40 Day Challenge. During the 40 Day Challenge you will commit to putting one, two or more changes you want to make into your dietary practice. Sticking to them over this period of time with support will be the key to your success.

In addition you will receive:

1. A recorded teaching about food, diet and other healthy lifestyle tips to age beautifully. In each audio instruction I will cover practices that have served me and countless others. These recordings will go beyond diet and into a spiritual foundation that will support you including skills for diet and mind mastery.

3. A live Q&A  (recorded for later listening) call every week. Each week we will get on the phone together so that you can ask questions.

4. A private Facebook page so we can relate to each other, ask questions and share out challenges and successes.


Also included is my book (online version): Eating As A Spiritual Practice

Or option to pay in 2 monthly installments of $173.50

More About the Dietary Makeover Course Bonus

This bonus course includes:

  • An audio presentation to set up the week’s lessons to educate and inspire you.

  • Homework with lesson plans and study materials.

  • Instructional cooking shows illustrating all the techniques.

  • Two sets of recipes: one with full color photos and another without photos for printing.

  • Shopping lists of each week’s ingredients.

  • Easy-to-follow guides that demonstrate every aspect of the techniques.

  • A special Q & A audio program that clarifies the finer details of preparing these special foods.

  • Bonuses exploring supplements, the mind-body connection, and more!

This course is for people who want to come away with a skill to last a lifetime. It is not a fad diet but a dietary practice that guarantees your ideal weight and excellent health. In the beginning, it may take more of your time shopping and in the kitchen than you have been used to. If you fall behind, that is okay; just keep going. I will be here to support you all the way.

Questions: Is this course the best for you? Need help? Email: to schedule a 15 minute complimentary consultation.

Space is limited, so don’t delay.

Your recipes are so healthy and fulfilling that I have lost my food cravings. The pounds have seemed to just fall off me. I’m looking forward to learning just everything you have to teach and using every recipe you have to offer.
— Sharon, Portland, Oregon

The Videos In The Dietary Makeover Show You EXACTLY How to Prepare Healthful and Delicious Raw, Cooked, and Cultured Foods

In my video and audio recordings, you will learn:

  • Deep nutritional knowledge

  • Little known secrets of specialty foods

  • How to schedule, shop, and incorporate cutting edge nutrition into your daily diet

  • How to prepare a lively mixture of raw and the best of cooked entrees, sides, and desserts, with the best of a variety of spices, including.

  • How to prepare and harvest cultured/fermented foods.

  • Much, much more

Watching hands-on food preparation of natural foods by a pro is the only way to master these kitchen cuisine secrets in a short period of time. And they’re so pleasant to watch. Your smiling face and professional style contributes greatly to their “addictiveness.” Now, when I’m in the kitchen, I think, “What would Chef Teton do?”
— Dr. Donna Schwontkowski, Chiropractic physician (ret), M.S. Nutrition, Masters in Herbology

Prepare Raw Food – The Basics

Raw, “living” foods are the best way to begin to nourish you in a way that your cells love. Preparing raw food is easy once you learn some new techniques.

Learn to Prepare These Raw Food Essentials:

  • Cultured/Fermented Vegetables (healthful sauerkraut)

  • Kefir

  • Mineral Mixtures

  • Green Smoothies

  • Juicing

  • Nut Milks

  • Dressings

  • Seed and Nut Preparation

  • Soaking, Sprouting, Dehydrating

In the videos, I show you how to do it all with close-ups, which my students find extremely helpful. Once you understand it and see how it is made, rather than reading about how it is done, you will have the simple tools that will give you a lifetime of nourishment and delectable pleasure.

Prepare Healthy Entrees and Snacks

Then you will learn how to blend the concepts together to make outstanding entrees, including the best of healthful cooked foods:

  • Raw Soups

  • Raw Food Pizza

  • Rich, Luscious Sauces and Dressings

  • Roll Ups

  • Bread Dough Crackers

  • Juices

  • Seed Cheeses

  • Nut and Seed Milks

  • Steamed Veggies

  • Potatoes and Squashes

  • Breakfasts

  • Snacks

  • Pairing with Organic Wine

Prepare Delicious Desserts

Ready for the best part? Discover how to make the most luscious desserts on the planet – with gluten-free, flourless crusts that rock your taste buds and that are actually healthy. You will swoon over every guilt-free bite.

  • Raw Banana Mango Pecan Pie

  • Sorbets

  • Chocolate Truffles

  • Cacao Mousse

  • Chocolate Smoothies

  • Cacao Coffees and Teas

Mixing Raw, Cooked, and Cultured Foods Together

This part of the course will inspire you with little known facts about what foods are best cooked and how to cook them for abundant nourishment and great flavor.

  • Learn which foods are healthier and easier to digest when cooked.

  • Learn what fats are safe to cook with and those that should never be heated.

  • Learn how to mix raw seeds powders to make exquisite sauces for simple cooked foods.

  • Learn how to optimize the healthful qualities of alkaline grains like quinoa, amaranth, and millet.

  • Learn how to highly mineralize every meal with sea vegetables.