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Aloha Chef Teton,

You certainly have become a household name! I am in the process of converting myself, my husband and our 16 year old to your style of cooking and living. I bought your DVDs first after watching Hungry for Change and Food Matters and have signed up for your 4 week makeover. I have made a few dishes to ‘reel the family in’ and so far it is very successful. A little about me and then I have a lot of questions for you!

I was in an accident 3.5 years ago, have had 6 surgeries and ultimately had my hip replaced and a neurostimulator implanted this year. Other than that, I am 50, very cute and have a great sense of humor :^) … I have been off pain pills for 3.5 months and am not taking Tylenol either. I do enjoy a glass of wine and that helps manage the pain too. I have always been very athletic and eaten well but the surgeries and pain meds took its toll. I am still in physical therapy but all is coming along very well! I have been buying products and reading and have started attending presentations at a health food store. I did a 7 day and then a 3 day detox which helped tremendously.

Aloha Janet, Thank you for you letter. First, I must congratulations on your progress and mostly on your attitude. You sound wonderful! I will address your questions below in BOLD. Also, would you mind if I put this on the DM forum and my blog for others to see? Thank you! CT I live in FL in a house with limited space. The TSM fermentation crock I bought has specific temperatures to store the crock during fermentation. How do you manage this in your climate?

Quite honestly, I never paid any attention to the temperature or climate here. I am so used to it being mild. I leave my crock out in my living room on the floor, and sometimes in a cabinet. It can get quite warm and then in the winter cool down at night quite a lot. I have never noticed any problem at all. I don't think you will have a problem in a warm climate, it is a cold climate that may slow down the fermentation process. But all that said, good question that I will have to research more.

I am concerned about making a mess if I store it on a high shelf in an office closet.

I have never have them make a mess unless I am fermenting in a canning jar. They will often oooz, so I put a plate underneath them to catch the drips. The crocks never made a mess. As for smell, well, they can sure smell, especially if you use onions and garlic.

Will the garage work in our temperate months?

Not sure what you mean here, do you mean when it gets colder or warmer? I think the garage is fine, but if it gets very cold it will slow things down. We juice daily and with the vitamix, and Cuisinart, I have run out of counterspace! I know what you mean!!

Same question for the dehydrator. It says to not keep it outside. I have a screened in patio that I thought would work but I am not sure. Will a dehydrator damage wood if it is operating while on a wood surface?

Wow, you have the best questions. I don't think it will hurt wood. I keep mine out on my screened in patio quite often. I also cover it so the salt air does not get on it. I am sure it will be fine out there. You might want to check it often during use to make sure it does not get too hot for the wood.

One of my goals with the dehydrator is to create a lot of snack foods for the teenagers. What do you suggest to start?

Fruit is a very good start. Apples, banana's and other seasonal fruits are fantastic when dehydrated. Nuts and seeds are also good because you can flavor them with spices and even sweeten them with honey or maple syrup. Tomato's are also yummy when dehydrated if they are sweet and organic.

I am experimenting with cultured foods (I bought some kim chi and raw sauerkraut) with high hopes that my digestive woes will lighten up. I have added miller’s bran to my diet too. What are your thoughts?

Cultured Vegetable are the best, try to eat them daily with each meal. Start you day with a spoonful. I would also recommend bone broths made from organic whole chickens and bone marrow bones from healthy animals. My new DVD on Healing Foods (coming out in January) contains simple recipes for these. Basically you just boil the bones with salt and a little vinegar for about 36 hours (crock pots are great for this, but there goes more of your counter top space). Drink this beverage daily. It should be the only thing you drink with meals.

I hope this helps. Carry on and keep in touch!! Chef Teton

Thanks so much! I am really excited about this journey.

Janet Hough

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