My Holiday Wish for YOU!It has been an absolute pleasure helping people from all over the world eat better. It is thrilling for me to receive your notes, ideas, questions and thoughtful comments. Thank you. Since my body has been my own laboratory I continue to learn. I too have health issues that crop up now and then, some cravings along with lifestyle and scheduling challenges, and probably some core beliefs that effect me unknowingly in some way. Since nutrition, bad and good, has affected my life so dramatically I have chosen it as my path of stewardship. Sometimes, when witnessing the dramatic effects that take place with dietary changes I want to stand on top of the tallest mountain (the Teton's, of course) and shout out that food matters, and it matters a great deal. We need nourishing food grown with clean air, water and soil. Period. Nourishing ourselves does not stop at the table though. We know we also need to nourish ourselves with loving relationships, authentic expression, community to feel safe and whole, and a meaningful purpose. A good place to start with conscious awareness and positive action toward divine nourishment is with ourselves. How about for this next year we make a pledge together to feed ourselves everything that nourishes us.Let's start with food. Let's get to know more of it's sensuality, textures, aromas, nutrients, and flavors. Let's get to know more about where it comes from and how it is grown.

Let's get into it. For me, exploring my local food supply and getting get to know my farmers and food producers has increased my sense of community and nourished me more than anything. I recommend connecting to yours. Go to farmers markets, meet the people who grow your food. Ask your grocers to stock what you need, and ask your local artisans to provide food with ingredients that serve you and still bring you pleasure. They, like me, love your feedback and want to serve you. Let's create a mutually enhancing relationship through the food chain.Eating is one of the most intimate acts we do every day, several times a day. Food stimulates every one of our senses, and touches every organ of our body. It goes in and permeates every cell through an incredible process inside of us while it feeds our living system and keeps us alive, nourished and cleansed. It provides immense pleasure, community and satisfaction.

What better way to celebrate this incredible season, this time of transformation we are told, with dedicated stewardship to own bodies and the body of the Earth we live in. And, if you do want to make a difference in the world, if you want to have a meaningful purpose, how about having the focus of your purpose be YOU. How about becoming an impeccable steward of yourself.  From a healthy center you can feel amazing, accomplish anything, love and serve many.

To help us on our journey, my new Healing Foods DVD Course and Audio Series will come out soon in the dawn of the new year. Stay tuned.

Thank you all again for giving me the opportunity to have meaningful purpose in my life.

Have a beautiful holiday season!

Loving you all, Chef Teton