buckwheat cereal

I have been making this cereal concoction for years. As a matter of fact, those of you who have my DVD's or watched my cooking shows may remember this. Basically I use this wonderful coconut cream butter. There are a few companies that make it and you can use it for so many recipes, or just enjoy a spoonful. Decadent is the word to describe it. 

For my basic fruit salad or raw buckwheat cereal I use the coconut butter, puree or cream (it has several names, but it is basically dried coconut meat blended into a butter like peanut butter).  I also use it for my cocoa truffles, pizza dough crackers, and sometimes, I just have a spoon full for dessert or for a quick snack. (Check out how to work with buckwheat for sweet and savory salads, etc. HERE)

In this particular picture we made it instantly on the road on our trip to Hana during our retreat. I packed the previously made coconut milk from the coconut butter, the dehydrated buckwheat groats (with maple syrup and salt), a banana and chopped walnuts. From the cooler I assembled the ingredients on a cutting board within about 5 minutes. Since the milk was made and all the other ingredients in small containers, all I had to do was assemble them together in our cups. We enjoyed this sweet crunchy mid morning breakfast, with a good cup of coffee. Off we went fueled and fulfilled and ready for an adventure.

Raw Buckwheat Cereal

1 + tablespoon of Raw Coconut Butter (make as much milk as you like experimenting with flavor and consistency)

1/3 cup water (more or less depending on consistency and desired taste)

3 tbsp of soaked or roasted buckwheat or other dried cereal type granola

fruit of choice (banana, berries, etc.)

nuts & dried fruits (walnuts, mac nuts, raisins, dates)

Mix all together and enjoy.

* Storing: Do not refrigerate the coconut butter until after opening. Once you open it, you can still leave it out at room temperature, but you MUST NOT contaminate it with any food particles. If you do decide to refrigerate it, it will become hard and much harder to work with. If you want to store it in the fridge then you will need soften it by heating it in a pan of hot water before using it. I keep mine in the pantry if I know I am going to go through it rather quickly. I am also very careful to always use a clean spoon when removing some and never double dip!

* Making Raw Buckwheat: Soak at least a couple of cups of raw buckwheat groats for several hours. Rinse and drain well. Sweeten with a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup and salt to taste. Place on sheet in the dehydrator, or on a cookie sheet in the oven at the very lowest temperature. Cook or dehydrate until dry. When dry and crunchy, store them in a glass jar and keep in the pantry. They are so yummy when soaked with maple syrup and salt, and then used to sprinkle on just about everything!

Use your imagination with buckwheat. Make a buckwheat milk, a savory salad, or raw food pizza dough.

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