GarlicToast I love Garlic Toast

Seriously, I love garlic toast so much I could eat it with everything. It really does not matter what it is.

Here is my favorite way to make it:

I like to use sourdough bread – organic of course - because it taste the best and it is a naturally rising bread. You can use French bread, rye or even some of the gluten free varieties made with almond flour, rice or millet. They are all good – just different flavors and textures.

Spread the bread with either olive oil or salt free pasture butter. Or if you want to get decadent mix olive oil and butter together.

Fresh garlic: Use a garlic press to mush the garlic. Put it right on to the bread and spread it around.

Sprinkle Celtic Sea Salt on top of the bread, butter and garlic.

Top with fresh chopped parsley.

If you don't have fresh garlic then garlic powder will do. Be careful with garlic salt as it can get too salty.

If you have some fresh Parmesan cheese handy, use some lightly to give it a rich deep flavor.

Broil until bubbly and crispy.

To store left overs: If there is any such thing, freeze them. When you are ready to enjoy them, warm or  toast them for a few minutes in a toaster or the broiler. Surprisingly they taste almost brand new!