Chef Susan Teton prepared all the cultured veggie for the Body & Soil conference with the help of the Maui Aloha Aina team. Yeah team!! The upcoming Body & Soil Farm Health Conference is at Kumulani Organic Vegetable Farm, Olinda, Maui on January 14, 15 and 16, 2011.

Body & Soil Conference 2011 poster

This conference is all about food, although people may not get this because they mostly teach about the soil. This misconception gets at the root of the problem with our food supply and our personal health.

It is true, this conference is about the soil—the soil that grows our food. What is even more powerful is that the conference presents stunning evidence and education around how the health of your body mirrors soil health, particularly with regards to food. It presents a valid case that we must move quickly toward food sustainability by developing healthy soil to grow healthy food, so that we can make healthy humans.

The underlying system that makes up our soil functions in much the same way as our human system. This link is vital in our health. The conference brings doctors and cutting edge speakers who give in-depth talks on how our soil and the quality of our food can determine how we prevent and heal afflictions such as cancer and heart disease.

From my experience, these speakers shed much needed light on the value of locally grown organic food, which in the end provides the inspiration we need as a community to create a healthy, safe and abundant food supply.

This conference is a fabulous opportunity to become educated about the power of food and our link to the Earth and all her systems.