Gluten Free Egg Fritatta

There is an awesome health food store here on Maui called "Alive & Well". Their deli is full of fresh juices, coconut kefir, raw cacao desserts, coconut desserts, raw salads, entrees, fresh baked goods, coffee, tea, sandwiches, and cold deli salads, vegan soups and also meat dishes. Everything is guaranteed organic. This is hard to do on this island with 90% of our foods being shipped in. Many think we are abundant in healthy food, but not the case with Monsanto and chemical ag being the majority here. This is why many food artisans are on the path to growing their own food and sharing it with others.

In the morning when I am in need of a hearty breakfast while out, I stop there knowing their hot Fritatta's are just coming out of the oven. They use fresh local ranch eggs, spinach for crust, and a very small amount of cheese. I am not sure how they make these eggs so fluffy and light, but they are never dry. So, I set out to make my own. Here I used my new favorite non-dairy creamer, NutPods (See blog post above for this creamy non-dairy creamer made from coconut and almonds), fresh ranch eggs from my neighbors, veggies and some seasoning. 

Experiment with this recipe and create a healthy egg dish Paleo style. If you are a vegan you can do the same things with egg replacer and/or tofu.


spinach (how much depends on how big the Fritatta you are making). I like a lot!

eggs (2 pp is good)

Nutpods or another milk (about 2 tbsp if using two eggs)

veggies: onion, jalapeno, tomato, asparagus, or your preferences

salt & pepper + a little baking powder for fluffiness (if desired)


Steam the spinach along with any other veggies (chopped small) that you want to include. Create the egg mixture below while the veggies are cooking, about 4 minutes for spinach. Drain all the water from the steamed veggies and set aside to make the crust with.

Mix eggs thoroughly and blend with nut/coconut milk, baking powder, salt & pepper and all the veggies except the spinach. I like to put some of my veggies in raw,  and let them cook while the Fritatta is baking. But, if you want hard veggies like carrots, then best you steam them lightly with the spinach. If you are using cheese, add it in with the egg mixture.

Line your backing dish (pie pans are best) with lots of spinach. Season with S&P. Pour in egg mixture.

Bake at 350 for approximately 10 minutes. If you are adding cheese on top, you can broil the Fritatta for a few minutes to make a golden sizzling top before serving.

This picture is of a small single portion made in individual glass pie dishes. You could also make the same recipe in a ramekin, but the spinach crust is not easy to line the sides with. In that case put a heavy layer of spinach on the bottom.