Grilled Cheese & Cultured Veggies

One day I had hardly any food in my fridge, but there was a loaf of Dave's Bread in the freezer. I seldom eat much bread, or cheese for that matter, but there was some aged cheddar that called out to me, along with a great batch of cultured veggies just living to be used in something creative. Grilled Cheese, yes! I assembled it and grilled it in Barlean's coconut oil. OMG! This was a better rich delight than a bowl of ice cream, and there was no sugar, which I seek to avoid.


2 slices of bread

two tbsp of cultured veggies or Sauerkraut

a couple slices of organic cheese (raw is best)

coconut oil


Preheat a skillet (with lid) to medium to high heat. Add a tbsp of coconut oil and warm. Place both pieces of bread open faced on cutting board. Arrange cheese on one piece of the bread. Then top the cultured veggies on top on the cheese. Add seasoning if you like.

Place the other piece of bread on top and place the whole sandwich in the hot skillet. You should hear a little sizzle sound. Put the lid on the top and cook on one side for just a couple minutes, checking often that yo do not have the head too high.

When the side down is golden brown, turn the sandwich carefully so that all the ingredients do not fall out. If necessary, put a little more coconut oil in the pan to that the new piece of bread can sizzle in the pan like the first one. Place the lid on top and turn off the heat. Let it sit for a few minutes until the cheese starts to melt and the bread is toasted to a golden brown.

Remove from the heat. Cut in half and enjoy alone or with a soup for a very fulfilling lunch.