Are you challenged by creating a diet that is exceptional and supportive for your health and beauty? Do you want to kick butt, nourish and fuel yourself with every bite. Do you want to have flowing digestion, excellent absorption, flexible joints and glowing skin? Do you want to be EXCITED about food? Do you want to be INSPIRED to nourish and please yourself with every bite? Everyone loves the kitchen/food part of the house at parties. Have you noticed? What if your everyday encounter with the kitchen and your food had the same vibrant feeling of fun and community. That would be cool, right? Well, I can't promise each encounter will be as fun as sharing meals with your best friends, but there is sure a lot you can do to make your interaction with yourself, your food and your kitchen enjoyable and even invigorating.

In hearing from people all over the world about how much they love my DVD's and how the simple recipes have inspired and delighted them, I also hear from people that they would like more guidance and community. So, let's create our own cyberspace kitchen and change our diets together in the 28 Day Dietary Makeover tele-seminar course.

Let's gather in the kitchen together, create, learn and grow. Our synergy together will inspire transition, new habits and creativity that will last a lifetime. Here is some of what we will be covering:

Raw Food Recipes: Learn what is "most" important to keep raw, and what is best to be cooked. We will take steps together creating cultured/fermented foods, and how to enhance digestion with herbs and spices. We will incorporate the best of dietary fats and broths to enhance absorption as well.  We will also learn the best way to get your 5 a day veggies in your life with simplicity in green smoothies. And, how about that sweet tooth? There are abundant ways to get yours satisfied with nuts, seeds, dried and fresh fruits. We will also go over supplements and cleansing.

This is an opportunity to do it together, one step at a time. Please let me know of your interest. The course will start in mid February. Stay tuned for more info! I would love to hear from you!  Read More About The Course

Chef Teton